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Arne Zaslove (master teacher and director) looked around and said, "Hey, how about we do some shows that deal with how to make life better on this planet that we all share? I ran a bricks-and-mortar theater for 20 years at the Bathhouse in Seattle and had a fantastic run -- Now I'd like to capitalize on the freedom to develop new projects without worrying about paying the rent."

Global Works exists to support creation and to facilitate communication through the work of artists in different media and cultures.

Creation is our best response to destruction.
Communication is our best response to conflict.

Global Works Logo

“The human experience is rooted in the physical – and the human body is like a tree.

“Its legs, grounded in what has come before, provide acquired strength and stability. Their movement nourishes the body by circulating blood, its life force.

“The torso is the center of the body’s emotional being and where we experience the eternal present. Here is where we also manifest action: our hands and our arms accomplish the tasks we set out to do.

“The head, home of eyes and ears and tongue and brain, is the wellspring of imagination, which reveals the possible, what can be, what perhaps will be.

“Past, present, and future. This is the story the human body tells.”

                                                                                         Arne Zaslove

Arne teaching


Encourage audiences to learn from the past.

Inspire them to vividly experience the present.

Forge a better future by inviting all people into the creative enterprise, to become creators.

“Do what you want to do.
Do what you must do.”

Arne Zaslove



• Developing collaborative projects between artists and cultures
• Creating communication between international artists and their audiences
• Fostering education about and through the arts to learn from the past.

“Make change. Make the world a better place.”

Arne Zaslove

Artistic collaboration is a mirror for global partnerships and intercultural communication. 
It involves a balance between expression, perspective, and appreciation.
It means finding common ground while standing one’s own ground,
respecting another’s process, and negotiating a dynamic and harmonious outcome.

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